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Extract taken from E Financial's Annual Finance and Money Awards:

Best Online Estate Agent Award


After researching the market place for our annual financial awards, our winner for the 'Best Online Estate Agent' was a relatively comprehensive victor.


Our research team were impressed by many of the companies we explored, spoke too, and analysed, but the clear winner in our panel's view was:

Sell My Property Online Ltd


In our teams opinion they provide everything that every other agent offers, plus multiple extra's that their competitors don't provide, and all at a fraction of the overall cost.


They also have 2 very unique features for 'super prime' and luxury property clientele via their sister company, and a very intriguing 'fast cash purchase option' for home owners or investors looking for a rapid transaction.


However, regardless of the above, the standard features and service provided resulted in a 9.65/10 rating from our research team.

Special mention should also go to the following second and third placed online agents:


2) Purple Bricks

3) Door Steps


Purple Bricks, the original pioneers of the industry offer an excellent service, and despite their share price dropping lately, our team were happy to place them into 2nd position. The product they offer is excellent, but the price point of their service is at the very top end of the market. However, as well as falling down on price, they don't offer the level of service that Sell My Property Online Ltd provide. Rated as an 8.24 by our panel.


Door Steps provide a range of services, and one large selling point is their entrance level proposition. However, they possibly lack the expertise of some of their competitors but they still rated as a 7.96 from our panel which placed them in 3rd position.


Congratulations to Sell My Property Online Ltd, for your comprehensive win and we look forward to plotting your progress in the future. It will be interesting to see if you can regain your title next year amid some strong competition.


Why Choose Sell My Property Online Ltd?


Most individuals believe traditional Estate Agent's fees are too high, and we concur. Sell My Property Online Ltd provide a high quality service at the lowest possible price.


As a company we're well capitalised, so we don't need to overcharge our customers.


We are focusing on building market share and delivering for our customers.


Where else can you receive the following?


Listings on all major property portals including Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime location.

Free valuations.

Full 24/5 ongoing support.

Comprehensive digital marketing campaigns.

Introductions to conveyancing solicitors to conclude the transactions.

Professional Price Negotiator.

Fast Cash Purchase Option.


There are some companies that might be able to beat our price, but will they offer the 24/5 support that we will? Will they ensure the professionals are on hand to conclude the sale, and do they specialise in digital marketing campaigns ensuring the right people see your property?


Why pay 899GBP or 995GBP to our main competitors when you can pay 399GBP to Sell My Property Online Ltd and receive a superior service?


There is a reason why we are gaining a foothold in this market place, and if we don't gain 50% market share over the next 5 years- we'll be very surprised.